Excurzo was built because we were sick of mainstream social media and being inundated with irrelevant content. We wanted to see not only great adventures, but where those epic adventures took place so others could experience the same adrenaline rush of ripping a tight line down waist deep powder or well-earned satisfaction from bagging the 7th summit of your summer. Unfiltered media sucks, even if they’re adventures, so we customize adventure feeds by adventure types, locations, and the people you care about - making adventures more real and accessible than ever before.

Why do you have to have a different app for every sport you participate in, a separate GPS tracking app, and then you share your adventures with people that don’t care about them?

We had enough of the madness…so we built Excurzo. Excurzo came from of our love of adventure, of exploring new ground, and of researching our next wild adventure. Excurzo gives you the ability to capture and share your adventures to your friends and with an awesome community who shares the same passion for the outdoors as you and I do.

Happy trails,
Byron Carney, Excurzo Co-founder & CEO

The Crew

Byron Carney
CEO, Co-founder at Excurzo
When Byron isn’t driving the speeding bullet train known as Excurzo “choo choo”, he can be found caked in mud ripping around on his mountain bike on “Root Canal Trail”, fly fishing the Yampa River, or with a big grin on his face skiing waist deep powder in his hometown of Steamboat Springs, CO. He continually reminds us that life is short, pursue the things you love on a daily basis, and go big or go home.