+ What is Excurzo?

A crowdsourced network of outdoor excursions and the adventure hounds that upload them. All adventures on Excurzo are made by users for users. To boot, we also made a social network (we kinda hate those words, but it is what it is) with lots of cool adventure specific features to help connect with others, explore, capture and share adventures, interact with adventures, and an enhanced user experience that delivers relevant and feasible content pertaining to your locations and interests.

+ How do I get the app?

Do you have an iPhone? Check. You’ve probably seen the beta sign up form on the homepage. If not, it’s on the homepage. If you have an Android you are currently SOL while the Excurzo geeks punch their happy little coding fingers as fast as they can.

+ Is it on Android?

Well you’re not gonna be happy… iOS only, for now. I know, I know, you’re thinking typical developers, always iOS first. It is coming though, we promise!

+ Ok, so when will it be on Android?

Soon! VERY SOON! Well not that soon, but you know, soon enough. Really, it won’t be that long. Feel free to visit our contact page to join the waiting list. And feel free to borrow a buddies iPhone and create a profile to make sure you get the username you want. SCORE!

+ I signed up for the beta, but I cannot get the app?

When you signed up for early beta access, our behind the scene robot elves pulled a couple levers and sent you an email from TestFlight (it’s an app store for beta apps). Go and find that email, open it, click start testing, download TestFlight app, and follow prompts to download Excurzo app. If you needed this instruction, I hope you’re better at adventures than tech.

+ How do I sign up for Excurzo?

Well, first download the app. See the question above this one. You can either choose fill in the blank granny style, or Facebook signup (two clicks and you’re in). If you don’t want to sign up with FB, you can always link to FB at any time. Be sure to select the activities that interest you, and to set you home locations, so we can deliver relevant and feasible adventures. If you don’t we’ll just fill your feed with posts from pinterest.

+ Cool, I signed up, but my newsfeed does not have relevant and feasible adventures, what gives?

Remember, we are crowd sourced. We simply developed an amazing tool for adventurers to record and share THEIR adventures with one another. If you like the foundation we have built, please share with your friends and get more people on Excurzo, we didn’t populate the app with filler bs posts. These are real adventures posted by real people, not guinea pig eating spam robots. The more users, the more adventures and the more killer content you may discover! Pro tip: Follow users, interact with content and visit your profile to follow more regions to further customize your newsfeed.

+ Is there a way to see the pictures full screen? If so, how?

Simply click on any adventure in any feed. This will bring you to the adventure details. You can click on the image again to view it in full screen. You can pinch and zoom and all that cool Jazz.

+ I’m viewing an adventure, how to I expand/minimize the map?

Once in an adventure you can gesture swipe down to expand the map. The images will become thumbnails, and the pins on the map represent each media. You can click on the other thumbnails to see where that image was captured. To re- expand the image, double tap on any thumbnail. We do have a UI/UX improvement that should be released soon.

Slow down there Wilbur, you simply don’t have any geo-tagged photos. We differentiate Excurzo from the others by relying on location based media to deliver new value to users. I mean let’s be real, seeing a photo is nice, but knowing exactly where that 40lb striper was caught, or where that cliff is in the backcountry, is sooooo much better!

+ How do I turn on location services for my camera and Excurzo?

Whip your phone out… this is an easy one:

1) Open Settings

2) Go to Privacy

3) Go to Location Services

4) Toggle Location Services to ON position

5) Scroll down and select the apps of which you wish to automatically use locations services when is use.

6) If this didn’t work you can always google “how to turn on location services on iphone” or ask Siri “what’s zero divided by zero”.

+ Why is there only youtube video integration?

Great question, we also wanted camo Ferrari's with roof racks for all our ambassadors. The YouTube integration was a quick solution for users to upload video to allow us to bring to market more quickly. An Excurzo adventure specific video uploader is coming soon, start holding your breath....now!

+ I found a bug or have a feature request, who do I report it to?

Sweet! We love hairy bugs and new feature requests, please send any and all to info@excurzo.com and one of our adventure minions will get back to you as soon as they're done whetting the line.

+ What is this ‘follow region’ feature you speak of?

So we made a bad mother, shut-your-mouth, tool where you can circle an area to spoon feed adventures from that area to your newsfeed… yes, yes, coooool. Be sure to check out other users regions and save them to your profile.

+ Where can I find my and other users regions?

Every user’s regions are in their profile. You can view them in map mode, or in list mode. Click around, name them creatively, and see locations others are following. There is chatter in the Excurzo community of some let's just say "creatively shaped regions" people have drawn on our regions to follow section. Heh Heh, they said virgin islands, Bevis!